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the fans and players and managers nailed this position.

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Three of the guys on this list are pretty much out-of-nowhere names in the All-Star conversation — Reynolds is fifth in the NL with 61 RBIs to go with a .912 OPS, Morrison has already set a career high with 24 homers, and Thames has 20 homers after spending the past few Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping years playing in Korea.

Honestly, the fans and players and managers nailed this position. The four guys mentioned here are having nice years, but with former All-Star-quality second basemen having off seasons (Jason Kipnis, Rougned Odor, Ian Kinsler, to name a few) there were no difficult choices.

Seriously, what does Simmons have to do to get the first All-Star nod of his career? He’s elite defensively, and he’s having a solid season at the plate (nine homers, 13 stolen bases, career-best .767 OPS) but he didn’t even make the final vote over the other three AL shortstops listed above. And, yes, Turner is on the DL but he leads the majors with 35 stolen bases and deserves at least the honorary spot.

Naturally, to bring in the new talent, the Cubs had to ship other talent away, meaning those players had to watch their former mates celebrate a championship while they forge a career elsewhere.

Regardless of a player’s talent or role, leaving a team on the cusp of success isn’t always easy to accept, especially when they see their former team reach the Cheap Youth NBA Jerseys summit and fulfill the hopes of decades without the glamor of being directly involved.

“I guess I was disappointed,” said Rockies second baseman DJ LeMahieu, who was the first member of the Cubs traded away after Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer took the reigns. “I just didn’t expect to get traded. It’s not something you think about.”

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