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All the nasty talk about the Jets tanking rankles the team’s new CEO.

Christopher Johnson told reporters Wednesday that 0-2 Gang Green is “definitely not tanking.”

“I want to win every game. Every player in that locker room wants to win. What you’re seeing are growing pains,” Johnson said, per NFL.com. “I mean, these are young guys. There are some older guys on the team and some of them are doing an extraordinary job. But I think you’re going to see this team get better and better and better.”

Further, Johnson said, coach Todd Bowles and general manager Mike Maccagnan will be evaluated on the amount of progress made rather than on the team’s record. Johnson told reporters he will make the call on both men.

Browns coach Hue Jackson said Kizer’s poor outing had “nothing to do with the migraine at all.”

Kizer, who will start next weekend’s game against the Colts, said he started to experience vision problems after throwing a pass over the middle to receiver Rashard Higgins. The migraine was not as serious as ones he’s experienced in the past, with numbness in his limbs or face. Kizer said migraine symptoms are similar to those of a concussion.

“It is just a feeling that you get,” he said. “I have been getting them since I have been young so I kind of understand that when one is getting ready to trigger, that it is time to go take Wholesale NHL Jerseys your meds and try to get past those symptoms as fast as you can.

“There is not much that you can do for them other than trying to put Wholesale Jerseys Cheap something in your system after you get those signs.”

Yeah, I think adding urgency definitely helped, because otherwise it’s just like watching kids hit whiffle balls over the house. There need to be some stakes in order for an event that doesn’t matter to feel like there’s some point to it, I think. But now that they have, yeah! It’s just about crushing baseballs as fast as you can, and faster than the other guy!

Movies not your thing? You probably have a video game you’ve been meaning to catch up on. Or you could enjoy Jon Bois’ wonderful sci-fi sports story, 17776. Your lawn probably needs to be mowed: Look at it; your neighbors are embarrassed for you. Or maybe you even have kids you should pay attention to. Am I insinuating that you’re a bad parent if you would prefer baseball be back sooner instead? Hey, you asked me the question, Rhetorical Device. This is your guilt we’re talking about.

The history of the Marlins and the history of their Home Run Sculpture have a surprising amount in common. Grant Brisbee investigated both in Miami and came to the conclusion that the Marlins, like their dinger statue, will be normal and beloved someday.

Brewers: The Brewers not only have nicknames, but Eric Thames went with a Korean one, Sang Namja.

Cardinals: Paul DeJong, Carson Kelly, Matthew Bowman, Greg Garcia, Lance Lynn, Jedd Gyorko, Zach Duke, and Brett Cecil: congratulations on tying the Orioles for the most players without a nickname.

Pirates: For a bunch of sea-based outlaws, the Pirates did a good job following the rules.

Reds: Bronson Arroyo has “Free Love” on his jersey, which is not a Very Cheap Jerseys nickname so much as an advertisement that’s giving me a twitch. Otherwise everything here is on the up and up.

Corey Seager, how are you going to have no nickname Wholesale NHL Jerseys when Kyle Seager put “Corey’s Brother” on his jersey? Scott Kazmir was similarly boring, as was Josh Fields.