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First, the Bills would have to win out and the Patriots would have to lose each of their last five games. That’d put Buffalo at 11-5 and make them AFC East champions ahead of the 9-7 Patriots.

But 9-7 might be enough for a wild card berth in the weak AFC. So to keep the Patriots out, the Ravens are going to need to step up to the plate with at least four wins in the last five weeks. And both the teams tied atop the AFC South — the Titans and Jaguars — will need three wins to get to at least 10-6 and ahead of the Patriots.

And boom, just like that the Patriots are left out without even going to a tiebreaker. It’s not too convoluted of a scenario, but it’s one that New England can essentially slam the door on just by winning Sunday.

The NFC Wild Card race is ultra competitive with a month left, spurred mostly by the tight NFC South that features the 8-3 New Orleans Saints, 8-3 Carolina Panthers and 7-4 Atlanta Falcons. For now, all three are in line to get in the playoffs and that leaves the 7-4 Seattle Seahawks out.

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And it was just flat out caring about each other Cheap Authentic Hockey Jerseys and about him.Granted, the Royals have their computer geeks director of baseball analytics player personnel and director of baseball analytics research science .

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The Jazz have stars in Gobert and Gordon Hayward, but their front office put good players around them and then terrific backups beyond that. The Clippers’ front office forced Paul’s team to play Raymond Felton at small forward for key stretches.

It’s true that Paul is the common denominator between his two teams. The argument that his teams can’t go far in the playoffs is undeniable, if obtuse. Paul’s also had his fair share of personal disasters at the biggest moments, including his two turnovers in the last 17 seconds of Game 5 against the Thunder in 2014 and this last performance against the Jazz.

But beyond the mystic Clippers Curse and the personal blame automatically placed on Paul, the fact is that the Clippers, like the Hornets before them, failed to build a roster worth its salt for a generational talent like Paul.

All eight teams already have two players and a coach on their rosters. (In some cases, as with Iverson’s team 3’s Company [yes, really] there is a player-coach.) That means 16 of the best players to sign up for BIG3’s inaugural season are accounted for.

On Sunday, BIG3 will hold a draft in Las Vegas to assign 24 more players (2 p.m. ET on Facebook Live). A draft lottery was held, and Kenyon Martin’s team — Trilogy — won the first pick.

Keep in mind that we haven’t seen these guys play in between three and 15 years. (There was a BIG3 Combine this week, but video footage is lacking. We’re going off Instagram photos.) Also keep in mind that in BIG3, there are four-pointers (whither Antoine Walker) and it’s a halfcourt Cheap Authentic Hockey Jerseys game to 60.