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Jim Caldwell sticking around in Detroit after signing deal earlier in year

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Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell has signed a multiyear contract extension with the team. The deal was struck months ago, the Lions said.

“I’ve challenged him that he needs to step up and make plays, and I think he will,” Jackson said Thursday. “I really do. This is where we are. We’ve got to make some plays, and we understand that these are the guys we have. And Kenny is the elder statesman in that room, and I think he’ll raise up and help lead these young guys, and we’ll go play good this week.”

The Browns need someone to step up in the receiving corps with Corey Coleman, who caught six passes for 62 yards and a touchdown, out at least eight weeks with a broken hand.

Smith continued by saying the culture from the 49ers wasn’t healthy, and that he knew it wasn’t right. But he wasn’t sure exactly how to fix it, and so he just did his best. But now that he’s several years removed, he feels comfortable explaining why the 49ers weren’t successful.

“Forget the coaching changes, I’m talking just the culture of the building was not (good). Unhealthy. Completely dysfunctional. Different people on different wavelengths, not a clear communication, not a clear goal of the entire building. Very separated. And I think that trickled into the locker room. We had a very separated locker room, offense, defense, special teams. It was not a selfless unit. Not everybody put the team first. I think all of those things that come with dysfunction that are the opposite of what healthy organizations and team enviornments have.”
Smith even said he would look forward to road games because he was tired Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale of the “the pressure” put on him by home fans who would boo him.

Things eventually worked out for Smith as he’s had plenty of success and Premier League Cheap Jerseys stability with the Chiefs. As for the 49ers, one could argue they haven’t learned much in the time since Smith left the franchise.

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