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Month: September 2017

Lynch finished the game with 18 carries for 76 yards and one reception for 16 yards. But it was the other things that made it feel like a complete game from Lynch.

Whether it was punishing runs, somersaulting in the air, flipping the bird, or trying to make sure he wasn’t going to get fined for a lack of media time — we got the entire Beast Mode experience.

As Lynch said at his opening presser with his hometown Raiders, “This is actually born and raised and bred pissing in them hallways and running down them alleyways. I really did that, right here and now I get an opportunity to play here.”

“As players, we all knew what was going on. We felt pressure wanting to do something that was never done before. But every week, Belichick had us balls-to-the-wall in practice about what our assignments were and little, different things to make sure our mentality was on the thing that mattered most — winning one game at a time.”

Stallworth, though, admits it was not just Belichick’s approach, great cardio, a record-setting offense, sound special teams and veteran-laden defense that helped the Patriots stay out of the loss column.

“You’re gonna need some luck or things to bounce your way,” Stallworth said. “We had that a number of times. There were a few games we should have lost that year.”

The 2017 Patriots begin their journey Thursday night trying to avoid being upended by the Chiefs, the AFC’s No. 2 playoff seed from last season who enter as nine-point underdogs. Pats players already have done a Belichickian job in downplaying the undefeated hubbub.

“To not see anything from a team and say they’re going to win every game and disrespect every opponent on the schedule is kind of ludicrous,” safety Devin McCourty told Patriots Cheap Lakers Jerseys media at the Cheap Kids NFL Jerseys start of training camp. “The good thing is we don’t pay attention Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys to that.”

He did it in 2015 with the Texans and Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer. He also did it in 2016, when he pulled Brock Osweiler for Savage. In 2017, he did it half a game into the season.

The Browns season started just about as poorly as it could — a three-and-out that lost 9 yards, then a blocked punt the Steelers fell on in the end zone for a touchdown. From that point forward, Cleveland actually outscored its division rival 18-14, getting major contributions from its young stars in the process.

It’s Week 1, so every team that wins a game gets to say it’s undefeated and in first place, and every team that loses is tied for last place.

But only three teams ended Sunday all alone at the top of their respective divisions, and they’re far from the usual candidates. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Rams were the only winners from the AFC South and NFC West, respectively.

The Buffalo Bills were the only winner from the AFC East, although the Miami Dolphins haven’t yet had a chance to get a win after the team’s opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was postponed until Week 11 due to Hurricane Irma.

Staying on top can be tough, so it might be a short reign for the teams out to an early lead. But enjoy it while you can, Jaguars, Rams, and Bills fans.

So it didn’t take very long — just one half — for the Deshaun Watson Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys era to begin. He’s bound to struggle more with that line and limited supporting cast, but his arm Cheap Jordan Jerseys China and legs are the best they’ve got.

Awuzie took the understanding about the importance of education with him to college in Boulder and found the right balance to succeed on and off the field.

That’s an achievement for any student, but especially for one that had to deal with the time demands of Division One football. The second round pick actually missed the first day of his rookie minicamp with the Cowboys in order to go back to school to receive his diploma.

A lingering ankle injury for the Giants wide receiver made things easier for a revamped Cowboys secondary, which was thought to be the team’s weakness but played well Sunday. On the other side, the Giants’ defense got no breaks as it tried to beat an Elliott-led Cowboys offense for the third consecutive time.

Game. A forgettable night for the Giants’ offense ended with just three points and 224 yards of total offense. Eli Manning completed 28 of 37 passes for 211 yards and an interception, and the Giants as a team managed just 35 rushing yards on 12 attempts. Ezekiel Elliott had no such trouble, as the Cowboys running back rushed for 104 yards on 24 carries. Dak Prescott completed 24 of 39 pass attempts for 286 yards and a touchdown.

Keep in mind that QBR is a rate stat, not a counting stat, as some of these quarterbacks did not last a full game.

It’s a terrible decision, the sort of mistake a coach would be furious at a Cheap Jerseys Wholesale China rookie for making. It’s even worse to do on third down in the second quarter of a 3-0 game.

In the worst case, he needs to tuck the ball, accept the Cheap Jerseys USA Soccer sack and settle for Cheap Jerseys USA three points.

“Our No. 1 goal for ‘Fox NFL Kickoff’ this year is to get it to be No. 1,” Shanks told me at a presser for FS1’s new “First Things First.” “No network has ever been No. 1 at 11 and 12 on (NFL) Sundays. That is our No. 1 goal for the NFL this season. You’ve already seen us promote ‘Fox NFL Kickoff’ much more than we have in the past. It’s a show we believe in, adding Tony (Gonzalez) and Mike Vick and having Charissa there long-term.”

Shanks’ reference to Thompson’s “long-term” future is telling. With her contract set to expire after the 2017 NFL season, ESPN tried to woo Thompson back to ESPN to work on Mike Greenberg’s new solo morning show that launches Jan. 1, 2018 from New York City.

But Fox made a strong push to re-sign Thompson, who started her on-air career with Fox. With Thompson recently dropping her Hollywood reporting gig on “Extra,” her schedule is freeing up just in time for football season.

“Charissa is going to do more and more for us,” noted Shanks. “She announced she’s not doing ‘Extra’ any more. Which gives us more Charissa.”

Remember, they were so loaded on that side of the ball, they traded for Kony Ealy, then cut him last week just because they didn’t need him anymore. Rob Ninkovich retired, and as emotional as that farewell was, few thought they’d miss him that much.

They didn’t look like that kind of defense Thursday, not before they lost their best individual defensive player, linebacker Dont’a Hightower, early in the second half, and not after.

That doesn’t mean it won’t eventually. This defense, or at least last Cheap Jerseys Authentic year’s version of it, has turned it on at the right time before. The most obvious example — the Super Bowl Cheap Jackie Robinson Jerseys comeback against the Falcons — was hammered home in the pregame celebration that served up one more reminder of “28-3.”

Rising: Brandin Cooks, WR, Patriots — The loss of Edelman will be Cooks’ gain in New England. Cooks had a career-high 84 receptions in 2015, but could eclipse that this year now that Edelman is on the shelf. Edelman caught 98 passes last year, but for only 1,106 yards.

Circle this game on the schedule: Dolphins at Patriots, Week 12, Nov. 26 — The Dolphins and Patriots play each other twice in a three-week span, beginning with Thanksgiving weekend in Foxborough. The Dolphins will be coming off a bye and, if they are within striking distance of the Patriots by Week 12, will need to win at New England if they are going to end the Patriots’ streak of division titles.

“I thought the stats don’t do it justice for how Dak played, and that’s a big step for him,” said Jason Witten, who caught Prescott’s touchdown pass and who surpassed Michael Irvin as the Cowboys’ all-time leader in receiving yards. “They give you a lot of different looks, they pressure you a lot of different ways, and he was constantly getting us in the right look.

“I think line one for the quarterback position is to take command and always lead us into the right looks and the right plays. He made a lot of plays when we needed him to throughout the game; I thought that was a really good game for him, the way he played. He was in control against a good defense Cheap Heat Jerseys and a good defensive coordinator [Steve Spagnuolo]. The points might not say it, but it’s so much bigger than Cheap Giants Jerseys that, and he understands it. He should take a lot of pride in tonight’s performance.”

But Prescott isn’t big on public displays of self-satisfaction.

Martellus Bennett talked to reporters about the incident Wednesday night and eventually began crying again, saying he just wanted to give his brother a hug on Sunday.

“Sometimes, a hug is the best thing you can give,” Martellus said. “I mean, I don’t really know, really — you know what I’m saying? I don’t really have the answers. You just think, ‘What if?’ You know? Two seconds this way, two seconds that way, the whole thing is different. So for me, I’ll just be happy to see my brother, because there’s a chance I couldn’t see him.”

The video was posted by TMZ on Wednesday, shortly after Michael Bennett made the claim he was racially profiled. In it, you can hear Michael telling police he didn’t do anything wrong and asking the officers to answer his questions.

“Obviously, Kenny dropped the ball in the middle of the field, and I know that is what we all are talking about,” Jackson said the day after the Browns’ 21-18 loss. “I have seen players do that before, and we all have. I have had some of the great ones in this league drop balls.

“But we can’t do that to a young quarterback because he needs guys to make as many plays for him as they can in this situation. I think Kenny gets that. He knows that is inexcusable. He has to make that play for the quarterback.”

Britt’s drop came on second-and-19 with the Browns Cheap Elite NFL Jerseys trailing 21-10. Rookie DeShone Kizer had been sacked on the previous play, but he hit Britt with a Cheap Jerseys America perfectly thrown pass some 20 yards downfield. Britt had plenty of space to run.

Although the Rams are four days away from their season opener and are preparing their game plan against the Colts, they are still not ruling out star defensive player Aaron Donald.

Ravens QB Joe Flacco, coming off a back injury that sidelined him for 36 days, says he’s “ready to go” for Sunday’s opener at Cincinnati, where he hasn’t won since 2011.

Longshot is good for what it is. It has a strong plot with a read-and-react style of writing that makes you seem like you’re active and important to the story. While it isn’t perfect, I wasn’t expecting it to be on the first attempt. I entered this game mode with no specific expectations and was surprised with the format, storyline, and plot.

The Giants and Jets play at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

The Dolphins are the only team in NFL history to go undefeated through the regular season and the postseason. It happened back in 1972, but don’t worry — Dolphins fans are still more than happy to brag about it.

The Patriots have won five Super Bowls in team history — tied for second-most in the NFL — and they’ve won every single one of them in the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era.

The Jets are a front-runner this season … to lock up the No. 1 pick in the 2018 Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys draft. Still, just in case they manage to do something good on the Cheap Football Jerseys From China field, you might want to learn their chant: J-E-T-S! Jets, Jets, Jets!

The NBA is never boring. There could be a free agency signing one moment or a blockbuster trade the next. Best of all, NBA Summer League is also in full swing. The league you love most has made sure there’s not a single dull moment between the end of last season and the start of the next.

Friday night’s slate is a six-game lineup of basketball action, featuring some of the best young talent in the league.

Headlining the night is Lonzo Ball, the hometown kid whose Lakers face off against the Clippers in a rivalry matchup. The Bucks and Cavaliers go head-to-head in a matchup that pits Sam Cassell Jr. and Gary Payton II against each other, and the Suns and Kings square up in the night’s most loaded showcase of talented prospects.

I know it’s Friday night. The last thing you want is to be cooped up indoors, watching basketball on a warm summer night.

Carr started working for the Hawks in February. He directly reported to Hayes. One of his jobs was to man the door at the media entrance, where security enforcement would vary, he said.

“I have seen white entertainers and celebrities access the Arena through the media entrance, but I have never seen black entertainers and celebrities access the Arena through the media entrance,” Carr said.

Carr alleges that on numerous occasions two of his white bosses — Catie Scott and Emily Drexler — told him to let white entertainers through the media entrance at Phillips Arena. He says Cheap Nike Eagles Jerseys he was instructed not to search them even though the media entrance has no metal detectors.

On three occasions in the month of April when Neil Diamond, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tim McGraw performed, Carr said he was told not to search them. Carr also said he Cheap Orioles Jerseys often worked the loading dock, which comes equipped with metal detectors, and that black talent was unloaded there and searched, including T.I and Chris Brown.

His first play as a Los Angeles Laker was an impressive lob pass to Brandon Ingram. It seemed the new era of the Lakers had begun. But then Lonzo ended his night with a paltry stat line of 5 points off 2-for-15 shooting. He accompanied that with 4 rebounds and 5 assists. Her certainly bounced back after that by putting up a stat line of 36 points, 11 rebounds, eight assists, and five steals a few games later.

You can credit that to jitters … or, and hear me out on this … it could be the shoes. Let’s break it down:

Ball only scored five points while wearing Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Big Baller Brand shoes in his first game. But he also wore them during his game against the Celtics, where he recorded his first triple double with 11 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists. In the two games wearing BB, Lonzo averaged 8 points, 8 assists, and 7.5 rebounds. It’s not a bad … but Lonzo has shown he can do better.

Antetokounmpo was on a tour in Manila when a Bucks fan asked Cheap Mountain Bike Jerseys him about his “loyalty in my DNA” tweet a few weeks ago in response to a report that teams were already trying to pry the do-it-all forward from Milwaukee.

The fan brought up how loyal Durant said he was to Oklahoma City before moving to Golden State and straight up asked him, “How long are you going to stay with the Milwaukee Bucks?”

But Antetokounmpo didn’t double down on his tweet. Instead, he gave a tepid defense of Durant. You can watch the video here.

“A lot of people say they’re going to stay on a team and decide to move to a different team. But you guys got to remember: A guy might want to stay on a team, but if the team doesn’t do the right things and the right moves for the player to become great. Because, KD, the reason he wanted to stay in OKC was to win, right? So, they didn’t win the championship. That’s why he decided to leave. So do not hate only the player. Because sometimes it’s not up to the player.

The WNBA All-Star Game kicks off at 3:30 p.m. ET on Saturday, from KeyArena in Seattle. The game will be televised on ABC, and the three-point competition is slated to start during halftime. This is the first WNBA All-Star weekend in two years because last year the league was forced to take a break during the Rio Olympics.

The Western Conference All-Stars are a star-studded group of championship winners — all but two on the entire roster have won rings. The West is stacked with Mercury, Lynx and Sparks, winners of the last four titles. Five future Hall of Famers round out the starting lineup in MVP-favorite Sylvia Fowles, Maya Moore, Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird and Candace Parker. This is a fast-paced group of scorers with size.

Fowles, a 6’6 center, is averaging a 20 and 10 double-double for the 16-2 Lynx. Coming off a five-game championship loss to the Sparks last season, Minnesota looks as hot as ever, and that’s largely because she’s having one of the best seasons of her career. The defensive anchor will be surrounded by shooters in the All-Star game too, with all four of the other starters shooting 35 percent or better from deep.

No, thank you, Gordon Hayward, for a lovely Fourth of July for the good people of Salt Lake City.

Sacramento’s books should be clean next year, too, as Cheap La Kings Jerseys only Cauley-Stein will be up for a new deal. The team’s young crew of Fox, Hield, Labissiere, Malachi Richardson, Justin Jackson, Harry Giles, and Georgios Papagiannis will still be on rookie contracts.

On Monday, LeBron reportedly lobbied Derrick Rose to join the Cavaliers on a one-year flyer. The plugged-in Joe Vardon reported that Rose and Bron “spent the day together discussing Cheap Miami Heat Jerseys how the team will return to the finals without Kyrie” and that “James is eager to see [Irving] off.”