The Rams might have garnered the worst grades of any team this year. – Cheap NFL Jerseys From China Shop Wholesale Nike Jerseys Fast Free Shipping

The Rams might have garnered the worst grades of any team this year.

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The Chiefs are another team where the grade was determined on whether the grader liked the dramatic move up for Patrick Mahomes in the first round. The selection of running back Kareem Hunt was a favorite of most.

The Rams might have garnered the worst grades of any team this year. After not having a first-round pick, the team added pieces for second-year quarterback Jared Goff. But neither Cooper Kupp nor Gerald Everett were in the top-three at their positions in this draft.

Mix in the feeling that the Clippers need to make some kind of change, the necessity of retaining Paul and Griffin to be relevant, Redick’s miserable playoff performance, and the massive offers that he’s going to get, and it just makes too much sense that J.J. won’t be back in L.A. next year. Some team like the Knicks, who will spend recklessly on an aging, declining wing, will throw 18 million a year at Redick. It’s the kind of money that the Clippers should balk at, and J.J. should take in a heartbeat.

Here’s what’s most interesting though—I don’t think it will be an amicable Best Site To Buy Cheap Jerseys divorce. Redick’s frustration levels peaked this season, and occasionally boiled over, regarding locker room drama and tension within the Clippers’ organization. I get the feeling that after four years as his backcourt Cheap Authentic Jerseys partner, J.J. is less than enamored with Chris Paul’s grating, competitive personality, and we saw that on national television during game 7 when the two exchanged words during a timeout.

There’s been an undeniable level of dysfunction within this Clippers group, although we haven’t quite nailed down specifics. I think Redick, after his departure, will take some shots at the Clippers in the press, whether it be immediately or years down the line. It will probably sour the way we remember the greatest shooter in Clippers history.

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