Somewhere Jose Fernandez is smiling.

Maria Arias, who was Fernandez’s girlfriend, gave birth to their child Friday night, per the Miami Herald.

Fernandez chose the name Penelope after finding out the baby’s sex in August.

The Marlins ace was excited about becoming a father. According to the Herald, at his funeral service, agent Scott Boras shared a conversation he had with the 24-year-old pitcher.

Because the letter had the appearance of being on the NFL team’s official letterhead, many on Twitter went full-on snark (“Well, I was on the fence, but John Elway endorses him? Surely he’s qualified to be on the Supreme Court,” one person joked).

Others noted the backlash 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick faced during his national anthem protest, a so-called “stick to sports” viewpoint in an increasingly polarized political landscape.

As Elway emphasizes, Gorsuch is seen as a Western voice, and many have pointed to that — as it relates to gun rights and public lands issues — on a court dominated by Eastern judges and currently split between so-called liberals and conservatives.

Last week, reported Loria had a “handshake agreement” to sell the Marlins to the family of Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of and White House adviser to President Donald Trump. The Kushner family acknowledged interest Wednesday, but, in a statement, vowed to back out if Loria is appointed to avoid the perception of a quid pro quo.

“Our family has been friends with Jeff Loria for 30 years, been Cheap Jerseys With Free Shipping in business together, and even owned a AAA baseball tea together.