Thanks to “Inside the NFL,” we have mic’d-up footage of the play. You can hear Edelman shout, “I caught it! I caught it!” as officials run over to make the call.

After the game, Edelman said the catch was “70 percent luck and 30 percent skill.” You certainly can’t tell that by the confidence in Edelman’s voice.

It’s tough to repeat as Super Bowl champions, and this is the last team to do it. Brady received more firepower in the form of veteran running back Corey Dillon, who showed he still had legs at 30 years old. New England had a top-five units on both sides and played a season-long game of can-you-top-this with the Pittsburgh Steelers, who beat the Pats in Week 8 and earned home-field advantage. The rematch came in the AFC championship, which New England won 41-27. The Patriots held off Terrell Owens and Philadelphia in the Super Bowl to earn that second straight championship.

The launch of the Steel Curtain dynasty was more fitful than many remember. It came after a preseason interrupted by a league-wide players’ strike. Crossing the picket line and entering camp — and his rifle of a right arm — helped position quarterback Joe Gilliam to take over as starter. But he was benched Cheap Jerseys Supply with the team at 4-1-1 and replaced by Terry Bradshaw, who himself was replaced three games later by Terry Hanratty. After Cheap Jerseys Stitched the team lost to Houston and fell to 8-3-1, superstar defensive tackle Joe Greene literally walked out on the team because he was frustrated at the team’s slow progress toward Super Bowl contention. Receivers coach Lionel Taylor caught Greene in the parking lot, allowed him to vent and convinced him to return. Five wins later, the Steelers had their first Lombardi Trophy.

A charity Colin Kaepernick has worked with is organizing a show of support for the unemployed quarterback Wednesday at the NFL headquarters in New York.

Kevin Livingston, president of 100 Suits for 100 Men, clarifies the event should not be characterized as a protest against the fact Kaepernick remains without a team. Some believe Kaepernick has not been signed because he knelt during the national anthem before 49ers games in protest of what he deems the oppression of black people in this country.

“We’re not protesting. This is not anti-NFL. This is not going against the police,” Livingston told “What we’re doing exactly is we’re showing solidarity to the league on behalf of Colin Kaepernick. This is nothing planned by him. This is all me.”

I feel like it’s bigger than what he did, it’s bigger than football. … He’s a good quarterback. You go back and look at the numbers; he had a pretty good season for the games he played. So he’ll be signed.”

Harold said he draws that confidence from his regular contact with Kaepernick, who himself remains confident he’ll sign somewhere.

“His spirits are very high,” Harold said. “We talked. I told him good luck with everything. That’s when he told me he will be signed. So I said, ‘Yeah, I have faith in you. You proved yourself last year.’

“I feel like a lot of guys that would have been in his shoes last year, not having the [starting] job Cheap Jerseys Stitched on day one and then just thrown in there when we were getting blown out, a lot of guys would have reacted negatively to that. He stayed positive about the whole situation. I mean, getting hate mail, getting death threats, I mean he showed some true courage. He never broke. So what more can you ask for in a Cheap Jerseys Rugby guy? He’s shown he can thrive under high, high, high pressure.”