This is one of the biggest weapons the NFL wields. It’s what they handed out to coaches and executives in the Saints bountygate scandal in 2012. Meditate on that for a minute: Darren Waller and Justin Gilbert, the same punishment as Sean Payton and Gregg Williams, for not even nearly the same crime.

That’s how the policy goes, though. Bountygate turned the league upside-down for a while, on several levels, and the repercussions will be felt for a while longer. But if throwing a player out for a year is supposed to have the same deterrent effect, it’s failing, because the numbers are only going up.

And if those growing numbers mean that players are having a Hanson Brothers Cheap Jerseys harder time adhering to the policy — whether that means passing tests, skipping or missing them, or tampering with them — then it’s fair to raise one of these two questions:

Do they have a much bigger problem that throwing them out for a year isn’t going to solve?

Or, is this even a “problem” at Houston Texans Cheap Jerseys all?

It’s time the NFL seriously considers the latter. Other leagues are not obsessing over this in this way. And that includes other sports leagues, because at least two former NFL players who got long weed suspensions — Will Hill, who sat 10 games last year, and Frank Alexander, who sat all of the 2015 season — now play in the CFL, which does not test for marijuana.

The Clippers would welcome the cap space Jordan’s departure could create next summer to give them free-agent flexibility, even to take on the Lakers head-to-head in the George pursuit. The Clippers can offer a return to LA, and a team that’s established something of a recent winning tradition.

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