Rays (35-35) at Tigers (32-34) 4:10 p.m. ET — Sticking with Upton and the Tigers, Saturday’s game is going to be one to watch if you are a fan of pitching and the strikeout. Power-pitchers Chris Archer (4-4, 3.80 ERA) and Michael Fulmer (6-4, 3.40 ERA) do battle in Detroit.

Eddie Rosario led Minnesota at the plate by collecting three hits with three runs scored and a solo home run.

The Twins, having now won five of their last six games, may even be buyers before the July 31 trade deadline. Surely one more starter, and possibly another bat, would go a long way to helping them win their first division title since 2010.

First of all, forget about this A-minus or B-plus stuff. Just full letter grades here. Rizzo went deep against Jhoulys Chacin to give Chicago a 1-0 lead. Fans of payback were thinking the first inning would have been an ideal time to put a fastball in Rizzo’s back after he barreled into Hedges to knock the ball out of his hands. Hedges held on but suffered a thigh bruise on the play and sat out Tuesday.

Green called Rizzo’s hard slide a “cheap shot” after it happened, but he told reporters at Wrigley Field he saw no value in the age-old custom of drilling an opponent for such a play.

Tebow’s other statistics aren’t great, either. In 64 Cheap High Quality Jerseys games, he struck out 69 times, hit three home runs, had 22 RBIs, a .311 on-base percentage, a .648 OPS, 14 doubles and a triple. He had seven errors in the outfield, too. Not exactly “this guy has conquered this level” numbers.

But those things never really mattered to the Mets. They were always going to move him along at some point this summer. As I wrote a month ago: The Mets, a franchise that is floundering at the major-league level with injuries and other assorted struggles, won’t let him spend an Cheap Hockey Jerseys From China entire summer competing with and against kids 10 years his junior.

Before the Cubs snapped a four-game losing streak with a 8-1 win over the Rockies Tuesday night, catcher Miguel Montero said the Cubs have to wake up and focus.

“The reality is we can’t take anything for granted and right now, I feel like we do,” Montero told reporters following Tuesday afternoon’s 10-4 loss to the Rockies in Game 1 of a split doubleheader. “Honestly, we’re just not playing at our highest level. We have to shake it up, wake up. This will be a good wake-up call for us. We either come to play the right way or we’re going to have a short season.”

Heyward says he’s heard racist taunts at Fenway and at other ball parks too.

“It’s not the only park I’ve been in where I’ve heard it,” Heyward said. “So that’s why I would say I’m not too surprised. And, again, when I say ‘not too surprised,’ I don’t mean it like ‘of course there.’ It happens. I’ve heard it my whole life, so it is what it is.”

The Red Sox issued an apology for the actions saying in part, “No player should have an object thrown at him on the playing field, nor be subjected to any Cheap Jerseys MLB China kind of racism at Fenway Park.”

On Wednesday, Sheriff was greeted at the ballpark with an all-expense-paid Nissan Altima rental car, courtesy of the veteran right-hander.

“Waino got me a rental car,” Sherriff recalled to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I freaked out a little bit. I started crying. I called my mom, and she started crying. Really, I’ve never had that experience. No one has ever done something so nice for me before.”

Adam Eaton had surgery to repair his left knee Tuesday, and while he’s not expected to return until next spring, MASN Sports reports he could return this year if the Nationals make a deep postseason run.

Eaton injured his knee April 28 beating out an infield single against the Mets.

In addition to full ACL reconstruction, Eaton also had some work done on his meniscus and other ligaments.

Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said the surgery went well.

Cribbs finished his career with 11,113 kickoff return yards, 2,375 punt return yards to go with 808 rushing yards and 110 receptions for 1,175 yards. He scored 20 total touchdowns, including 11 on returns.

Cribbs has not played since 2014, when he was a member of the Colts. His last game was the AFC championship game that season, infamously known as the catalyst for the Deflategate scandal. He was released by the Colts in 2015 and later said doctors told him that multiple concussions have given him the brain of a man his late 50s.

A shoulder injury cost Cribbs 10 games in the 2013 season while Cheap High Quality Jerseys with the Jets and he played in just six games in 2014 after the Colts signed him in November.

Guerrero, who spent eight seasons in Montreal, was pleasantly surprised by the news, while acknowledging that he did not expect to get into the America-based hall this season.

Mets fans apparently don’t appreciate the way their former hero treats them – they booed him Sunday night, according to ESPN.com.

Of course, the two SEC QBs who had to play Bama rank well, but in Trubisky’s single year as a starter, he had to face tough Florida State, Miami, NC State, Stanford, and Virginia Tech defenses. His only really bad games came against Georgia and against VT in a literal hurricane.

Adjusting QB stats for opponent quality would make Watson soar, but it’d boost Trubisky, as well.

College fans have been puzzled by the Trubisky love, since he didn’t really leave us with a ton of memories, and the knock on him from the NFL side is his lack of starting experience. But if we agree games against hard defenses count more, then maybe he’s not all that inexperienced.

Watson’s raw stats are a little worrying, especially the turnovers, as is his arm strength, apparently. In 2016, Mahomes threw for way more yards per game (421 to 306), Trubisky threw about a third as many INTs (six to 17), Peterman had a far superior yards-per-attempt number (9.3 to 7.9), and so on.

But considering the schedules Watson faced, his 2015 and 2016 top-10 rankings in completion percentage, TDs, and total yardage look even more impressive.

Also considered among the top five QBs by one major outlet or another: Miami’s Brad Kaaya, Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer, Texas Tech’s Pat Mahomes, Pitt’s Nathan Peterman, Clemson’s Deshaun Watson, and Cal’s Davis Webb.

Lotta names! I dunno how you distinguish them. There are arguments for Cheap Throwback Jerseys and against each. Lemme add one more argument!

As a college fan, one subject I feel NFL people overlook is the level of competition already faced by these players.
NFL fans fairly worried about the quality of Carson Wentz’s FCS opponents, but there’s a wide range within FBS as well. Throwing for 400 yards against Alabama twice — just to pick a totally random example — means more than doing the same to Kansas.

Good news: The Memphis Grizzlies are playing fantastic basketball in Game 3 and have the Spurs on the ropes.

Bad news: This man, sitting court side during a playoff game with his shirt all the way tucked in, is trying to dab.

Is that a dab? Or is he wiping sweat off his brow? Is he checking the time? The Leonard On Harden Narrative Is Being Overblown:

The “Kawhi Leonard can shut down James Harden” plot is being overblown for a Cheap Qld Basketball Jerseys simple reason: Leonard doesn’t spend the bulk of his time guarding Harden.

The breathless Twitter posts and analyst discussion would leave a casual observer to expect this to be Olajuwon-Robinson, where there was no question the two best players were going at each other on both ends for 40 minutes a night. That’s just not the case here.

The hope for the Spurs is to be able to defend the high screen with two defenders so at least you are not giving up wide open 3-pointers to Anderson, Eric Gordon, Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley or Ariza. You hope to force Harden to shoot over the top, whether it be a contested 3-pointer off a switch, daring him to shoot by going under, or a difficult floater after zoning up the pick and roll.

The Spurs have the depth to try everything and show him different looks. Leonard Cheap Qld School NBA Jerseys and Lee have the potential to cause some problems for Harden, especially in crunch time when Nene, less of a lob threat than Capela, is in. Ultimately, there’s no one scheme that will shut it down, and it will be fascinating to see what Gregg Popovich comes up with as this series unfolds.

Feeney made an immediate impact at Indiana, starting 12 games as a true freshman and earning honorable mention All-Big Ten status. A foot injury robbed him of his 2013 season, but he put any health concerns in his rear view by playing better than ever upon his return.

He’s a durable and mean blocker who grades out well in both pass and run blocking. He has solid lateral quickness that keeps blitzers from shooting the gaps on him, but his strong upper body and use of leverage are his biggest selling points. He has good arm length and redirects rushers well; in the last three seasons, he allowed only two sacks while playing guard.

He’s useful in the run game despite just average speed. He identifies his targets after pulling and isolates them, taking linebackers out of the play at the second level. With great strength and discipline, he’ll be a locker room favorite for the coaching staff.

And the Browns weren’t done. A trade with the Tennessee Titans let Tennessee move up to No. 8, giving Cleveland two more picks.

We’ve seen more of the new approach this offseason, when the Browns pulled off an NBA-style trade with the Houston Texans to acquire quarterback Brock Osweiler and his $16 million cap hit. The Browns got a 2018 second-round pick for their troubles. Now Cleveland has 22 picks over the next two years to add talent.

The Browns need a total rebuild, and for a team that hasn’t Cheap Jerseys Sell had a winning season since 2007, getting talent through the draft is the only way to climb out of that hole and build something sustainable. DePodesta said that having as many picks as possible can only help their cause.

“How are we going to increase our chances? We need to have more picks. So, if we have Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Online the same number of picks every year as everyone else, we don’t expect do better than anyone else,” DePodesta said, via The MMQB.

Engram wins as a pass-catcher and can be utilized as a chess piece to create mismatches all over the field. His explosiveness off the snap, along with his short-area quickness and route running, will Cheap Jerseys Outlets make him a nightmare for NFL defensive coordinators.

Don’t be surprised if Engram, a more polished receiver than David Njoku and more route savvy than O.J. Howard, has the most productive rookie year as a tight end. Engram projects as a second-round pick for a team looking for an H-back/slot receiver who can move the chains and be a vacuum for the ball.

It’s even more concerning when Cleveland goes out and lets Indiana — the 15th best offense — drop 108 points in a loss. One makeable C.J. Miles jumper, and the Cavaliers would have been playing from behind. All season, even more than the past two, Cleveland has done things that makes us frown and tweet out thinking face emojis. “Hmm,” we said, “are they really going to snap out of this?”

Yes — Cleveland can snap out of this. Everything we just said, and every discernible flaw that exhibited itself this season, and it may still be fine. The Cavaliers still have the same personnel, more or less, as last year. There’s no concrete reason for something they accomplished last year to fall outside of their grasp in this one.

But we thought the effort and the defense would be here by now. We thought it was coming in March, or in April, or if nothing else, by the playoffs. Well, break out the strobe lights and emergency beacons. Bring out a megaphone. Someone tell Cleveland the postseason is here, because they let Indiana drop 108 points on Cheap Jerseys Paypal Free Shipping them and come a C.J. Miles jump shot away from stealing Game 1. That defense still isn’t there yet.