Andre Iguodala created an “awkward” situation Friday night with some controversial race-related comments in the locker room following the Warriors’ loss to the Timberwolves.

After a reporter asked the Warriors swingman if he had known coach Steve Kerr planned to rest Iguodala and three Warriors starters in Saturday’s game against the Spurs, Iguodala told reporters (via ESPN). “Nope, no clue. I do what master say.”

Frustrated by the 103-102 loss that included several calls that didn’t go the Warriors’ way, Iguodala later dropped a couple of other controversial remarks. When a reporter asked what had caused the loss, Iguodala said, “We gotta score more than the other team. Yep, they want dumb n—s, so I’m going to give y’all a dumb n—.”

Iguodala continued on his regrettable theme when asked if there were other issues beyond just the team’s offense. “What would dumb n—s say? ‘Just play harder. Figure it out. Change gonna come.’ You know what we used to say. Change gonna come.”

Don’t weep for Washington, though. Coach Romar will reload with a top-five Cheap NCAA Jerseys recruiting Cheap New York Giants Jerseys class, including small forward Michael Porter Jr., the top overall recruit in the 2017 ESPN 100.

This is more than a bump in the road the Cavs will suddenly get over — at least in terms of the standings. FiveThirtyEight’s NBA prediction model gives the Celtics a whopping 70-percent chance to capture the top seed with Cleveland’s odds coming in at 29 percent (The Raptors and Wizards Cheap Moto X Jerseys are both virtually out of the race at one and less than one percent, respectively.)

Silence was the theme of Sunday’s game between the Warriors and Knicks, but not so much after it.

Madison Square Garden was unusually quiet during the first half of the Warriors’ 112-105 win because arena game presentation staff decided to allow the organic sounds of basketball filter through. Players, though, have not been overly pleased with the decision, citing a lack of energy from the crowd.

“It was kind of weird because that’s home-court advantage, having the crowd involved, having the music going and having that energy behind you so it was different,” Knicks guard Courtney Lee said.

Lee was then reminded that New York led by one point at halftime, and only in the second half with the music back on did the Knicks blow the game.

In these tumultuous times, these true role models are the men and women whose voices we need to disseminate to every corner, not a braying jackass making a desperate grab for relevance amongst a constituency destined for extinction.

Lastly, could someone please tell this man to stop flattering himself. It’s embarrassing.
In an interview with Israeli website Walla Sport, Stoudemire was asked about playing with a gay teammate. His response was to avoid the player at all costs.

“I’m going to shower across the street, make sure my change of clothes are around the corner,” Stoudemire said “And I’m going to drive — take a different route to the gym.”

When asked if he was joking he said, “I mean, there’s always a truth NFL Jerseys Outlet within a joke.”

This isn’t Stoudemire’s first time using harsh language NFL Jerseys Authentic toward the gay community. In 2012, he was fined $50,000 from the Knicks after he tweeted a gay slur toward another Twitter user.

This is one of the biggest weapons the NFL wields. It’s what they handed out to coaches and executives in the Saints bountygate scandal in 2012. Meditate on that for a minute: Darren Waller and Justin Gilbert, the same punishment as Sean Payton and Gregg Williams, for not even nearly the same crime.

That’s how the policy goes, though. Bountygate turned the league upside-down for a while, on several levels, and the repercussions will be felt for a while longer. But if throwing a player out for a year is supposed to have the same deterrent effect, it’s failing, because the numbers are only going up.

And if those growing numbers mean that players are having a Hanson Brothers Cheap Jerseys harder time adhering to the policy — whether that means passing tests, skipping or missing them, or tampering with them — then it’s fair to raise one of these two questions:

Do they have a much bigger problem that throwing them out for a year isn’t going to solve?

Or, is this even a “problem” at Houston Texans Cheap Jerseys all?

It’s time the NFL seriously considers the latter. Other leagues are not obsessing over this in this way. And that includes other sports leagues, because at least two former NFL players who got long weed suspensions — Will Hill, who sat 10 games last year, and Frank Alexander, who sat all of the 2015 season — now play in the CFL, which does not test for marijuana.

The Clippers would welcome the cap space Jordan’s departure could create next summer to give them free-agent flexibility, even to take on the Lakers head-to-head in the George pursuit. The Clippers can offer a return to LA, and a team that’s established something of a recent winning tradition.

Rawls flashed as a rookie before an ankle injury, which also hampered his ability to hold up as a feature back replacing Lynch last season. Rawls looked fast again and has been running determined this offseason. He is headed toward carving out a busy, early-down spell role to make sure both he and Lacy stay healthy and fresh to reel off chunk runs.

Neither Lacy nor Rawls is a great receiver, which Prosise, the converted wideout, certainly is. Prosise has his own durability issues after wrist and shoulder injuries limited him to six games as a rookie. He will be on the field often beyond third downs, as he can create mismatches as a runner and keep up the fast pace of the Seahawks’ offense. His dazzling work against New Orleans and New England in the passing game last season proved he has a high ceiling in that “Sproles role.”

The good news: Michael Thomas’ outstanding rookie season made Cooks expendable (for lack of a better term). Willie Snead is a lock to get a lot of the looks that used to go to Cooks. One of the smarter free-agent signings was ex-Panther Ted Ginn, who seems perfect for this offense and this receiver unit, and with the talent on hand, he’s going to get open a lot.

The not-so-good news: Tight end Coby Fleener made nearly every biggest-free-agent-bust list after last season. There didn’t seem to be a reason he was so underwhelming, and no real reason he can’t return to form this season. The Saints get a pair of injured tight ends back this Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys season, Michael Hoomanawanui and Josh Hill. Neither are the pass-catching threats Got Cheap Jerseys Fleener can, and should, be.

The well-reported, very thorough Vince Young feature in Sports Illustrated this week offered up a wealth of buzz-worthy quotes and splashy nuggets. Harsh details about his financial screw-ups? Check. Profane-but-accurate dig at Ryan Fitzpatrick? Check.

But not far beneath the viral surface lurked a Fashion Online Shop Cheap Jerseys theme that had as much, or more, to do with how surprisingly short Young’s NFL career was.

That’s not to say Thomas and Hayward wouldn’t be able to coexist in Boston. It would just take them some time to figure out how they can continue to get their numbers within the flow of the offense. One of the reasons it would likely work: Thomas and Hayward are just as dangerous without the ball in their hands as they are with it.

Why he’s here: The All-Star Game might be in Miami, but this exhibition will be a celebration of the young stars for the AL’s best team, the Astros. Springer is the fifth guy we’ve mentioned here, and second baseman Jose Altuve (27) and closer Ken Giles (26) could make the squad, too. Worth noting that Springer has those 22 homers with all 70 of his starts as Houston’s leadoff hitter.

Why he’s here: No surprises with the top spot. Judge has dominated headlines all season, and deservedly so. In fact, he’s been so very good that Flyers Cheap Jerseys it’s easy to forget how much he struggled in his first taste of the bigs last year — he hit just .179 and struck out in exactly half of his at-bats (42 times in 84 ABs). He’s not going to wind up winning the Triple Crown, but the fact we’re nearing the end of June and he’s top five in all three categories speaks to his production this season.

Three of the guys on this list are pretty much out-of-nowhere names in the All-Star conversation — Reynolds is fifth in the NL with 61 RBIs to go with a .912 OPS, Morrison has already set a career high with 24 homers, and Thames has 20 homers after spending the past few Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping years playing in Korea.

Honestly, the fans and players and managers nailed this position. The four guys mentioned here are having nice years, but with former All-Star-quality second basemen having off seasons (Jason Kipnis, Rougned Odor, Ian Kinsler, to name a few) there were no difficult choices.

Seriously, what does Simmons have to do to get the first All-Star nod of his career? He’s elite defensively, and he’s having a solid season at the plate (nine homers, 13 stolen bases, career-best .767 OPS) but he didn’t even make the final vote over the other three AL shortstops listed above. And, yes, Turner is on the DL but he leads the majors with 35 stolen bases and deserves at least the honorary spot.

Naturally, to bring in the new talent, the Cubs had to ship other talent away, meaning those players had to watch their former mates celebrate a championship while they forge a career elsewhere.

Regardless of a player’s talent or role, leaving a team on the cusp of success isn’t always easy to accept, especially when they see their former team reach the Cheap Youth NBA Jerseys summit and fulfill the hopes of decades without the glamor of being directly involved.

“I guess I was disappointed,” said Rockies second baseman DJ LeMahieu, who was the first member of the Cubs traded away after Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer took the reigns. “I just didn’t expect to get traded. It’s not something you think about.”

Throw in a frowny-face emoji from Ricky Rubio, who was traded to the Jazz this weekend and was part of the team recruiting Hayward to stay on Monday, and the entire thing was a sloppy scramble with several missed layers of communication.

“There were so many great things pulling me (to Boston),” Hayward wrote. “There was the winning culture of Boston, as a city from the Sox, to the Pats, to the Bruins. There was the special history of the Celtics, as a franchise from Russell, to Bird, to Pierce, and it goes on. There was the amazing potential of this current Celtics roster, as a team from ownership, to the front office, to a talented roster with Isaiah, and Al, and everyone else.

“We haven’t made any sort of decisions or determinations on that. I think we want to take it one step at a time,” Antonetti said. “The first part of that is finishing the first rounds of tests and letting the doctors narrow the focus of what might be causing Tito not to feel well and Kids Cheap Jerseys get that corrected. We’ll reassess things after that point.

The Bills in May declined Watkins’ fifth-year option, meaning he’ll be a free agent after this season and over the life of his four-year rookie contract, he’ll make $19.9 million guaranteed.

That’s a lot of money, obviously, but some who are pushing Knicks Cheap Jerseys for NFL players to make more add some context: The NFL’s annual revenue dwarfs the NBA’s, yet pro football players’ collective bargaining agreement means they see a relatively smaller piece of that windfall.

Watkins’ fifth-year option would have paid him $13.3 million. Instead, he’ll enter a contract year having missed eight games in 2016. He only recently resumed practice at minicamp after missing most of the Bills’ offseason workouts because he underwent foot surgery in January.

Sheldon Richardson likes being with the New York Jets and likes being the underdog. The defensive lineman is scheduled to become a free agent after the 2017 season, but he wants to stay with the Jets and says he won’t chase a ring the way Kevin Durant did with the Golden State Warriors.

“I don’t like it personally,” Richardson told NJ Advance Cheap Houston Rockets Jerseys Media of Durant’s decision to join the Warriors. “But he got a ring out of it. He was already an elite athlete, and he wasn’t getting it done where he was at, I guess. So he felt like he needed to leave, and it was his decision. Would I have done that? No, I wouldn’t have. It’s a little different for me. I wouldn’t do it, but I don’t blame him for doing it.”

The team is hunting for players who will contribute in 2019 or 2020, and Mangold, Revis, Marshall, Harris,and Decker didn’t fit the bill — Enunwa and Wilkerson do.

“[Harris] was a great leader in the locker room and on the field, but we have some young guys in that linebacking corps,” Wilkerson said, via “They may not be big-name guys like Dave, but those guys can definitely step up and make plays.”

The Jets have made a commitment to building through the draft and got that started in April with the additions of Jamal Adams and Marcus Mayes — a pair of safeties who could start as rookies.

Losing will inevitably be a byproduct of cutting ties with so many veterans, but the Jets are better set up to be winners in the future.

Is that tanking?

It depends on your definition. If all it takes are moves that push the team toward more losses than wins, then the Jets’ 2017 offseason would certainly seem to qualify. But those moves are about a whole lot more than Darnold or any other top draft pick.

They’re about better positioning the Jets to be winners in Cheap International Soccer Jerseys the years beyond 2017.

Rays (35-35) at Tigers (32-34) 4:10 p.m. ET — Sticking with Upton and the Tigers, Saturday’s game is going to be one to watch if you are a fan of pitching and the strikeout. Power-pitchers Chris Archer (4-4, 3.80 ERA) and Michael Fulmer (6-4, 3.40 ERA) do battle in Detroit.

Eddie Rosario led Minnesota at the plate by collecting three hits with three runs scored and a solo home run.

The Twins, having now won five of their last six games, may even be buyers before the July 31 trade deadline. Surely one more starter, and possibly another bat, would go a long way to helping them win their first division title since 2010.

First of all, forget about this A-minus or B-plus stuff. Just full letter grades here. Rizzo went deep against Jhoulys Chacin to give Chicago a 1-0 lead. Fans of payback were thinking the first inning would have been an ideal time to put a fastball in Rizzo’s back after he barreled into Hedges to knock the ball out of his hands. Hedges held on but suffered a thigh bruise on the play and sat out Tuesday.

Green called Rizzo’s hard slide a “cheap shot” after it happened, but he told reporters at Wrigley Field he saw no value in the age-old custom of drilling an opponent for such a play.

Tebow’s other statistics aren’t great, either. In 64 Cheap High Quality Jerseys games, he struck out 69 times, hit three home runs, had 22 RBIs, a .311 on-base percentage, a .648 OPS, 14 doubles and a triple. He had seven errors in the outfield, too. Not exactly “this guy has conquered this level” numbers.

But those things never really mattered to the Mets. They were always going to move him along at some point this summer. As I wrote a month ago: The Mets, a franchise that is floundering at the major-league level with injuries and other assorted struggles, won’t let him spend an Cheap Hockey Jerseys From China entire summer competing with and against kids 10 years his junior.

Instead of turning their focus to the playoffs and Green Bay after Sunday’s win over the Redskins, some of the Giants receivers wanted to blow off some steam and ring in the new year in style.

Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, Victor Cruz and Roger Lewis flew to Miami to attend one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties Sunday night at LIV nightclub in South Beach. According to TMZ, the star-studded party’s guests included Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Jamie Foxx, Johnny Manziel, Trey Songz, 2 Chainz, Fabolous and Khloe Kardashian.

The man who led the highest-scoring offense in the NFL this season will reportedly interview for four open head-coaching positions around the NFL next Friday and Saturday. According to NFL Network, Shanahan will interview with the Broncos, Rams, Jaguars and 49ers over those two days.

The 37-year-old Shanahan has held the role of offensive coordinator with four different NFL teams over the past decade, but has drawn praise this year for his work with quarterback Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense in the 2015 and ’16 seasons. Atlanta didn’t miss a beat this season when receiver Julio Jones missed two games with a foot injury, as Shanahan found ways to get Taylor Gabriel and Justin Hardy involved.

Other candidates have been tied to each of those open coaching Cheap Jerseys Mastercard posts. Shanahan’s strong resum on offense would seem to make him a good fit for all four Cheap Jerseys NBA teams, which have struggled with offense so badly this season it led to clubhouse dissension, benched quarterbacks and, ultimately, fired head coaches.